Friday, December 18, 2009

Ticket to Stardom, meh...

I was in K-Mart yesterday buying windshield wiper fluid. They have a small section of cards at one of the check out aisles. I grabbed a blaster of 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom. Ripping the packs and looking at the cards was sort of like listening to Nickelback (lame, lacking creativity, and no big deal).

The UPC code thing at the top of the card is dumb. Some of the cards come in a deckle edge parallel. There is a silver bar at the bottom with pos. name. and card# and some of the cards had chipping here.
I got three inserts, Big Ticket, Seasoned Veteran, and Ticket to Stardom. Meh.

The most interesting pull was this "AUTHENTIC TICKET STUB". It is serial numbered 68/110. It has a tiny image of David Wright in the corner, and what looks like part of a 2008 Topps base card embedded. The back says "congratulations! You have just received an authentic ticket stub of David Wright". It then shows a few stats from
a few different games Wright played in. This is an ugly card and I see no point to it. I will not be buying any more of these.


  1. you got a point with the stub...looks ugly..

  2. I actually don't mind the 'regular' relic/auto inserts in this set despite how most others feel, but the ticket stubs don't do much for me. I mean, these are the same things then I end up using for bookmarks and you KNOW they're not rare. I'll end up buying a box of this stuff some day, probably when it drops to the $40-$50 range.

  3. is Manny and Hanley up for trade??