Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"On Average" burn

Hit my favorite local card shop yesterday. BB's Sports Cards in Grand Rapids is a little hole in the wall full of sports cards. Loads of reasonably priced wax, 5 0r 6 display cases, and not a single Pokemon, Majic, or any other crap (no offense) to be found. Ty, the owner, is always willing to make a deal on a single or a box.

On the clearance rack was a box of 2007 SP Authentic Baseball. I grabbed it, hoping to pull a cool patch auto. I know they're kind of cheesy, but I think they are cool. Tonight, the rip. Tonight, the burn. The "On Average" burn. I have bought boxes before. I have always got my one or two or three hits. In this box, I got one patch card. Meaning, there is a box out there with three!
If I had pulled a Detroit Tiger or some star, well, then maybe I wouldn't be so disappointed. But, Chris Stewart? Who the... Additionally, the jackballs at UD had Stewart sign the Navy Blue Patch with a black pen. It's almost invisible.

The base cards are well designed. I did get a Pujols, an Ichiro, An A-Rod, and a bunch of other good cards. But, I was in this for the 2 hits, and I got one. One "Average" one.


  1. That is a total bummer.....time to find a Rangers fan to make happy to ease the pain!

    if you have any base doubles i need these cards:
    6 8 80 97 99 100

  2. That's sucks dude.... i would call them up and tell them you aren't happy and see what they can do for you.... Plus let them know you where short a hit!

  3. In the immortal words of Bill Clinton... "I feel your pain".