Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh the Joy!

For those of you outside the Upper Midwest,you are missing out on a great mega-store... Meijer. Meijer is a lot like Wally World. Today, my wife and I went to do some Christmas shopping. A pass through the toy department (the location of the trading cards) brought joy to this collector. The yellow 20% off signs in the card section. Digging deep, I found a blaster of 2007 Turkey Red. Even better, the Blaster had been marked down to $9.99. I got the bad boy for $7.99!

The highlights; An Andrew Miller in a Tigers Uniform (in honor of Mario). A great pose of Prince ready to launch a bomb. Grady dragging a bunt down the line. The artwork by Perez is great in this set.

I also pulled an ad back #25 Albert Pujols, A bat chip relic card of Carlos Lee, and a card of the Great Liberator, Abe Lincoln. I hope we're done with political cards for a while (unless they make a Palin set).

Every card you see on this blog is available for trade. If you ever see something you like, let me know.

Now, get to Meijer and find those marked down blasters!


  1. Sewing---what would you want for the Miller? He was a student of mine at UNC, and I'd love to score that. As for the Upper Midwest I'm there---definitely got my eyes out for a Meijer store.

  2. I will send it along with that Gomes, I have an extra one.