Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fantasy Football, Done

Well, another year has come and gone, and I again am out of the money in my fantasy football league. There are many reasons why, but I lay the blame at the feet of these 5 players.
1.) Michael Turner - 2008 SP Authentic - Turner was my first round pick (4th overall). Injuries limited him to a handful of games. The games he did play in were less than what was expected.
2.) Kevin Smith - 2008 Mayo - Smith was my 3rd round pick. With a new head coach coming from the Titans, I thought the Lions would make a more concerted effort to run the ball, like the Titans. Wrong. The Lions were often playing catch-up and throwing the ball. Smith was dinged up most of the year before blowing out an ACL last week.
3.) T.J. Houshmanzadeh - 2008 Stadium Club - T.J. is probably my biggest disappointment. Grabbing him in the 4th round, I thought I had a steal. Moving to Seattle to be "the man" was supposed to be a big move for the career #2 in Cincy. 65 catches and 3 td's. Ugh.
4.) Marshawn Lynch - 2008 UD Draft Edition - Lynch was sitting there in the 5th round because of the 4 game drug suspension. Already set at Rb, I thought adding a solid third back for the bye weeks was a good move. Lynch looked as though he was still on something. Ineffective, I dealt him for Trent Edwards. Lynch's numbers, 422 yds and 2 td's.
5.) Alex Smith - 2008 Icons - Smith was a late season addition after the debacle with Edwards. Smith had a few nice games, but this week, against a tough Eagles defense, he looked like a chump. 177 yd's and 3 picks.

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